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Our Guide To Freetown

Although Freetown isn’t likely to show up on too many lists of cities most likely to sweep you off your feet, there is something about the capital of Sierra Leone that is both intriguing and exciting.  There is a certain bit of beautiful chaos to Freetown.  Along the streets downtown, women call out their products to passer-byers as men shake wads of currency they are hoping to exchange.  Pots of rice and sauce are served under tarps protecting from the elements as classics like MC Hammer are played loudly from the booths of boys selling CDs.  But despite the mayhem of downtown, escaping the noise of the city isn’t all too difficult either.  Within a thirty-minute drive you could find yourself in the cool confines of the hills or all alone on a tranquil beach.  It seems like long gone are the days of conflict here, despite the chaos there is also a peace to Freetown.  The combination of chaos and peace is what make Freetown such a great city, and might even leave you wanting to stay longer than you had expected.

Time Needed: 3-4 Days
Backpacker’s Budget: $50USD a day