Family Kingdom


The Family Kingdom was established back early in the year 2000. Pa Jawad, the owner and proprietor of the Family Kingdom initially had the idea to create a children’s playground to provide relief and joy to the children of Sierra Leone, who had been suffering through a civil war. Pa Jawad decided to build the playground across from Lumley Beach realizing that this way he could provide showers and changing rooms for people wishing to go to the beach. Though many thought it was ridiculous to build so close to shore, he did not only prove them wrong, but he managed to encourage more businesses and hotels to open up in the region making Lumley Beach a more lively part of town where locals and foreigners alike can enjoy.


The hotel is a Family business, and Pa Jawad decided to evenly distribute the shares between his four daughters and his General Manager, Mr. Safwat, who is a crucial element for the company’s success. The hotel has been, ever since, expanding in terms of rooms and services, starting with 5 rooms which have now increased to 95 with varying room types, as well as a large venue hall, conference rooms, gym and pool facilities.


The hotel is keen on maintaining the playful atmosphere it had started with, so it is quite common to see Dik-dik deers roaming around the playground as well as other animals like rabbits and ducks. A major component that makes Family Kingdom unique and successful is that unlike other hotels, it provides a family vibe, making guests feel at home, as though you are residing in a self-sustained village. You are free to grab a banana from the trail, or ask the gardeners to get you a star fruit or coconut from the trees scattered around the compound. The Family Kingdom also promotes local craftsmanship and has proceeded to build a workshop were local craftsmen express their talents in creating furniture and play major roles in constructing our new areas and rooms.